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Monday, February 19, 2018
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In Box Review:

Revell '77 GMC Wrecker Truck

My first impression of this kit upon opening the box is, that the box is fairly full for an official count of only 57 parts.

The box contains a 12 page instruction sheet, 1 water slide decal sheet, 6 tires, 1 sprue of clear parts, 1 sprue of plated chrome parts, a front and back truck body in white and 5 sprues of parts in white.  

This kit was a pure inpulse buy for me and I had done no research before hand.  Now as for the kit, the box claims this kit is skill level two, which in this case glue and paint are needed, otherwise I would call this one a skill level 1.

Here are a few things that I can see from the kit right out of the box.

First the engine.  It is molded into the truck, there are only 2 parts to add to the molded engine to finish it. Detail is very basic. Which leads to the Chassis,  the transmision, lower engine, exhausts, all are molded into the lower chassis, including some printing that says TM GM.   It appears that most of the details are molded into the larger peices.   The decal's are primarly done in red, so it would be hard to do a red wrecker without different decals. 

All in all if it goes together well I think this will make a good looking build.


1977snapwreckerAlso of note when I did a search of the net on this kit I found out that there is a 1997 release of a GMC Wrecker by Revell but it is a Snaptite kit. I found some photos of the box art and that kit is shown in Red with decals for "Lenny's Towing", but overall it looks exactly like this kit.  I do not know how these two kits and their molds relate to each other, but they are very much alike.


I cannot give this kit a good review,  I really wanted to like this one as the subject matter is one I think is fun.  But the parts layout and build up are substandard to most plastic model kits out there.  It really shows its snap together origans.   Detail is lacking and you can still almost snap this one together.   I build for the fun of building and this one was not a fun build for me so it went back into the box.







Download Instruction Sheet for review here



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