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Wednesday, February 21, 2018

In Box Review:    '55 Chevy Street Machine  Revell Kit #85-2211 in 1:24, "Streetburner Series"

In Box Review of Revell's 1955 Chevy Street Machine:

This one is a Classic, the Box is dated 2011, but the date on the inside of the auto body, which I will assume to be the date the molds were made is dated 1963, thats 5 years older than me.  

OK now that I've said that, my first impression of this kit when I open the box is yep thats a Chevy with a lot of chrome, seems like half the parts are chrome plated.  I'm still working on figuring out the chrome stuff.  

Looking further into the kit, its molded in black, with a sprue in chrome, and 1 clear sprue.  This kit is kinda clunky looking,  the engine for example hasn't got much detail and is half chrome.  I think this was top of the line in 1963, but in 2016 the only modern thing about this kit is the box.  This kit would be good for someone starting out and needing to practice building a car if you can find it cheap enough, I got mine at a discount store ($7.99), so I'm using this for practice since I'm mostly a military modeler.   Now on to the details.

  • Kit contains 72 parts, and is molded in Black
  • Color Guide is for, Amber, Blue, Flat Black, Red, Silver, White
  • Hot Rod Waterslide Decals

Box Blurb:

  • The '55 Chevy "Shoebox" is the classic basis for a classic rod of the post war era.
  • The Hood opens to show a 35 c.i. V-8 engine with blower.
  • Highly detailed interior.
  • Solid front axle with drag bar rear suspension.
  • Molded in black and clear with chrome plated parts and black vinyl tires

Anyways thats what the box says, basically this kit is a couple of steps up from a snap together kit.  Its good practice and will make a nice build and look good on the shelf as long as no one looks really close.

I'd like to leave this on a positive note,  The instructions are really good, you get a 12 page full size set of instructions.  They are pretty clear and easy to follow.  In fact I have them for download here for reference use only.

      55 Chevy Street Machine kit instuctions for #85-2211.  








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