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Sunday, February 18, 2018
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In Box Review:

Academy Tiger I Early w/Interior TA979

My first impression of this kit upon opening the box is, there are a lot of parts.   The box contains a lower hull, 9 sprue's in dark yellow, 3 in grey and 4 in dark grey.  There is also polycaps, a small photo etch fret, some rubber parts, and a decal sheet. 

There is a 20 page Instruction sheet, which is the largest I have ever seen with a kit.  The first page is the box art and a Technical Specification list, the middle of the booklet is a drawing of a detail cutout of the various parts of the tank showing part placements. The last page is a parts view, and the next to last shows the painting and decal placement.

The painting guide shows the kit decals include the markings for 4 vehicles.   The first is for 2nd SS Panzer Division 'Das Reich', Kursk, Russia 1943 in a 3 tone color scheme.  #2 is the 1st SS Panzer Division 'Leibstandarte Adolf Hilter' A Michael Wittmann tiger in Berdichev, Russia, January 1944 in a Dark Yellow / whitewash camo scheme.  #3 is for the 502nd Heavy Tank Battalion Russia, 1943 or Russia, 1942 in a panzer Gray or Dark Yellow scheme depending on the vehicle.  And #4 is the 504th Heavy Tank Battalion, Tunisia, Afrika Korp, 1943 in a Dark Yellow scheme.  

There seems to be some simplification of details and there exist a lot of dismissal that this kit is not all that accurate.  But considering its scope in plastic I think it is a good kit.  I bought this one about 12 years ago and realized it wasn't within my skill level then, but I feel I can do it justice now.   



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