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Monday, February 19, 2018
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In Box Review:

AFV Clubs Achilles Mk.IIc M-10 Tank Destroyer 1/35 scale Kit #AF 35039

Warning:  update on this build, if you build the running gear per the directions, the tracks are about 3 links too short.  Be sure to test before glueing everything in place.

My first impression of this kit upon opening the box, is, nice shiny green plastic.  

In the box there are approximately 400 plus parts, give or take a few,  all of which are in a shiny green plastic.   From my research you get all the Sprues from the M-10 Tank Destroyer
Late Production AF 35s007.  The new item here is Sprue P, which contains the parts for the 17 pounder gun, a new decal sheet and an aluminum barrel. 

Also included on Sprue P is a British No.19 radio, three British style fire extinguishers, two spare track link mounts and three superb 9mm Sten Guns with alternate metal stocks.

Included are also 6 plastic 17 pounder rounds for the turret ready racks.  What is missing is the correct ammo for the hull racks.  You get the hull racks fitted for the cardboard tube M-10 rounds.

I've also noticed that compared to the Academy M-10 kits the Hull Interior is a little bare, such as no drivers controls.

The suspension is a little tricky to assemble but it will be fully articulated when finished. 

There are a lot of ejector pin marks to clean up in the turret, but not all that hard as they are of the 'proud' type and you just have to sand them down.

My only real grip is a lot of the small parts are hard to clean up as they have large sprue attachment points,  See the last photo detail for this. 

Another item is the antenna bases are a little on the sparse side in detail and you are to use stretched sprue for the antennas.  A P.E. Antenna set would be a major improvement here.


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