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Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Scale Automotive Body Airbrushing Holding Device



This is a little do it yourself project.  I wanted an inexpensive holder to hold scale car and truck body's while airbrushing them.  I will admit I saw something similar years ago in the Micromark catalog.  They sell one that is similar except it has a spring in it and some rubber feet over the ends.. it also sells for about $16.  

I made mine from a piece of aluminum I found at work,  I bent it in half over the back of a chair in order to get the rounded bend that springs back instead of breaking.   Its thick enough to keep its own tension, and I have no problems using it to airbrush car body's from multiple angles in order to get good coverage.  And since I used a found bit of metal,  my cost was  $0.00,  which is what makes it great.

I think in a few more Automotive builds I will have to think about cleaning the excess paint off.   If you have the patience you can tape up the ends to avoid having to clean the device later on.

Here are some more photos of the holding device in action.

A side angle.


and Upside down, just have to be careful.


A truck Cab ready to paint.


Another Car Body.



And So On,  I pretty much figure you get the idea by now.   I always say its better to make something for free than to spend cash you could be using for more kits.. 


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