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Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Bantam BRC-40 Gallery

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Bantam Reconnaissance Car, BRC-40 w/Crew, Miniart kit 35014 in 1/35:

Built for the Jeeps Campaign Jeeps

November 1, 2015 to June 15, 2016

Build Notes:bantambrcbox

The first thing you might notice is there is no crew,  I left them out of this build, the figures look good, I just didn't want to do them.  The second thing is, where is the windscreen,  I think either one of the cat's got it or a vacuum cleaner did.   

The paint is done in various shades of olive drab, I used darker and lighter to give the vehicle a more used look followed by some pastel weathering.

 This was a nice kit with lots of detail, my only problem was too many of the parts were very fragile.  One thing is when gluing the body to the chassis,  Glue down the front first, then the back.  The reason is if you have to apply pressure to get the parts to mate up, if you apply it to the front, you will break the very delicate grill.  Also watch out for the Mirror its always a delicate parts on Jeeps and esp so on this kit.

For more info go to My Bantam BRC-40 Build Blog.

Or check out My Bantam BRC-40 In Box Review.

All in All this was a very fun build.




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