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Wednesday, February 21, 2018

M4A3(75) Sherman Tank Photo Gallery:


United States M4A3(75) Sherman Tank

Photographed at Moshannon Valley Veterans Park in Phillipsburg, PA. 

This Sherman tank is Serial #11063 built by Ford in 1942, it is a M4A3(75) "small hatch" Sherman dry storage, and was probably rebuilt sometime after WWII.  Note the engine deck door torsion bars, a post war improvement.

Ford was contracted to build the M4A3 around their own 500 hp V8 Engine and was the only manufacturer of the "small hatch" M4A3(75) Sherman Tank of which 1690 where built from June 1942 to September 1943.  Because the Ford engine was new and untested, the first M4A3's served as training tanks in the U.S. to train troops and to allow Ford to improve and test their new engine until  it was found to be superior to the other tank power plants, and in June 1943, it was declared "suitable for overseas supply." 

Ford left the Sherman program in September of 1943, but continued to supply engines to Chrysler & Fisher Body for the 1944/45 production of M4A3s and M26s. During WW II, Ford's Lincoln plant produced 26,954 V8 tank engines.

Very few M4A3's saw combat, but photographic evidence show that a small number of Ford built M4A3's fought in the final campaigns in Northwest Europe, as well as on Okinawa.




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