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Sunday, February 18, 2018
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In Box Review:

CyberHobby's 1/72 Sea Vixen

My first impression of this kit upon opening the box, is, wow there area  lot of parts for a 1/72 kit.  The box contains 4 spruces in gray plastic, 1 in clear parts and 2 decal sheets.

This kit has several options allowed, up to and including having the wings folded for carrier duty.  

Some of the details included are:

Sliding canopy for pilot's & Detailed pilot's cockpit
Detailed radar operator's cockpit
Positionable hatch for radar operator's cockpit
Intake ducts with engine faces
Tailpipes with turbine faces
Positionable landing flaps
Positionable tail hook
Positionable speed brake
Positionable rudders
Positionable ailerons
Wings can be posed folded or flight-ready
Positionable landing gear
2 x rocket pods
2 x external tankDetailed pilot's cockpit
Detailed pilot's cockpit

And the marking include 6 options, although they are all a grey over white scheme.

FAW.1, XN650, 893 Sqn, C/456, HMS Centaur, 1963
FAW.1, XN691, 892 Sqn, H/219, Royal Navy, 1963
FAW.1, XJ482, 766 Sqn, V/713, Royal Navy, 1967
FAW.1, XJ576, 899 Sqn, V/488, Royal Navy, 1962
FAW.1, XJ525, 890 Sqn, H/241, Royal Navy, 1961
FAW.1, XJ526, 890 Sqn, R/248, Royal Navy, 1964


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