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Sunday, February 18, 2018


Despruing Tweezer, Sold by Micro-Mark 



Sale's Blurb

"Tweezers-Like Nipper Desprues the Tiniest Parts. A gentle squeeze is all that's required to safely separate even the tiniest molded part from its sprue.  Finely-ground double-honed tips reach into the tightest locations and flush cut the plastic so that further clean-up is not required. Custom made for Micro-Mark of the highest-quality satin finish stainless steel. For use on plastic sprues only."

The Pro's

First off calling these tweezers is deceptive as they are made of a much thicker stainless steel and have more heft to them and they feel like they will last a while.

Second the cutting head is perfectly shaped for the job of cutting parts off of the sprue's. The pointed edge of the cutting area is fairly thin and can be slid into the sprue's quite well while at the same time not obstructing your view of the part being cut.

Third, these allow you to cut off very small parts off of sprue's while holding them with a pair of tweezers or your thumb over them to avoid having small parts go airborn on you.

The Con's

First the company claims that further clean up is not needed... I disagree, although they do cut very small parts off of the sprue's cleaner than my regular cutters, there is still a little sanding needed to smooth out the parts.

Second is the fact that unlike plier type cutters that cut by squeezing, with these you are using your fingers to press the sides together to do the cutting. Because of this these are only good for fairly small parts.. the larger the connection of the part to the sprue the more strength is needed to make the cutter cut..


Overall I like this tool and will find it to be a useful addition to my equipment for use with detaching those pesky small parts.... But if you expect this tool to desprue everything then you will find it a disappointing buy.

I've now been using this tool for several years now with no problems.

By Delbert.


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