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Friday, February 23, 2018
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DUKW, Italeri kit in 1/35dukwbox

Sometime between July 2001 and March 2003

Build Notes:  

This is a fairly nice kit, It goes together well and is an enjoyable built. Some complain that there are to many "simplifications" and "shortcuts" taken by Italeri to make this kit but hey at least we finally have a 1/35 scale dukw in plastic that don't cost an arm and a leg.

Important Note about Construction: The Directions show to put Part 23A, the front wall of the cargo area with the rivits in faceing forwards, This is WRONG, The riveted side should face backwards into the cargo bed.

I've made mine as the U.S. Marines 1945 dukw. I've painted the camo with Model Master European Green, Dark Tan and Sand I lightened it up the colors with some flat white for scale effect.. I am painting this model in the 3 tone Camo of the U.S. Marines, 1945. I just finished on Olive Drab vehicle and thought I'd do something different. Also this model is a straight out of the box build.

After painting the camo I misted on a mixture of about 50% sand and 50% testors brush cleaner for the sandy dusty effect and then weathered further with Pastels.

As can be seen by the sand and dust on the Dukw it has already hit the beach, drove its load of supplies to where they were needed, unloaded and is now in the process of heading back for another load. (that's my story anyways.)

The rope bumpers were painted with Model master Panzer interior Buff, then washed with a brown artist watercolor (you could use artist oils here also or just a plain brown wash with standard paints.) I put them on the Dukw and they were toned down a little by the sand/dusting spray. Then as a last step I brushed on just a little Mildew ish looking green pastel. A very understated green just enough to see slight discoloration.. This gives a more realistic effect I think.

The rust stains were also added with Pastels.. Just lightly brushing on the wheels, Jerry can and around some of the raised rivet detail. And for the hull in a downward kind of brush dragging motion. Just in a few places..

On the right side is some black pastel dust brushed along the side and backwards because that is the side the exhaust is on.

I try to understate the rust and weathering whenever possible. Sometimes a hint of an idea of rust is better than a ton of rust color. But these are only my thoughts.


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