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Sunday, February 18, 2018


Flexilens on Mini-Base UPN91091


This is a  hands-free crystal clear magnifier that is ideal for seeing detail when building, painting or any other aspect of model building that requires magnification. It has a sturdy weighted base and a 19.5cm/ 7 ½“ flexible arm which can be easily adjustable to almost any position. The quality 9cm/ 3 ½“ lens provides a 2.25X magnification and incorporates a high 4.0X magnification inset lens.

  • Handsfree magnifier for all intricate details
  • Main lens: 9cm/3½" diameter lens, 2.25X magnification
  • Inset lens: 2cm/¾" diameter lens, 4.0X magnification
  • Flexible arm adjustable to any position

This is one item that has stayed on my workbench since I bought it.  I have limited space so only those tools that I find useful stay.  Here are some of the things I like best about it.

  • It has enough weight it stays where you put it.
  • There is no frame around the lens so the overall view it great.
  • It is glass so if you get paint on it you can clean it off easy.
  • You can easily use it while wearing reading glasses for even more magnification.

flexilens04The Flexilens retails at about $30.  I picked mine up at a craft store, A.C. Moore and used a 40% off coupon for an even better price.  For me this one gets a high rating.  For what it does, it really has no downsides.  

Link to Flexilens on Mini-Base UPN91091 on its company website.

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Review by Delbert 3/28/2013


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