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Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Georga State Trooper Gallery

Lindberg Georgia State Police Car, 1997 Ford Crown Victoria kit #72781

Built for the Police Dept. Group Build Campaign PoliceLightBar  (I made this ribbon for the Group Build Logo)

November 1, 2016 to May 1, 2017

Build Notes:GeorgiaStatePatrolbox

The first thing I will say is there is not a whole lot to this model.  The body is pre-painted, I just had to paint the interior, and the black molding around the windows.  

There is no undercarriage detail and no engine,  there is nice detail in the dash, and the late 90's era radio's and teletype type computer.  There are no antennas included and I didn't feel like making any,  just me being lazy.  I also left off the spotlights as they look terrible.  

One of the better parts of this model kit was the decal sheet.  They went on very well and the markings included dashboard gauges, and also all the small Ford emblems.  My sheet had one decal slightly damaged and that was the one on the drivers door.  But that might have been me, and not a general problem with the kit. 

For more info go to My Georgia State Police Car Build Blog.

Or check out My Lindberg Georgia State Police Car In Box Review

Read the Lindberg Kit #72781 Georgia State Police car, 1997 Ford Crown Victoria Kit Instructions here

My thoughts, Not a lot to the kit, but I had fun with it.  And by the way I know I made one mistake, did you find it?



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