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Friday, February 23, 2018
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Henschel Hs129B-2, Hasegawa kit in 1/48.

August 1, 2004  - November 9, 2004

Build Notes:  

This is the Hasegawa Kit of the Hs192B-2 which is a fairly nice kit. . I had almost no fit problems at all and used absolutly no putty anywhere in the build. 

It is painted in the Hard Edge splinter Camo of RML 71 (dark green) and RML 70 (black Green) over RML 65 (light blue) with RML 04 (yellow) ID markings. I used Model Master paints. 

This is a ground attack aircraft armed with 2 7.92 MG and 2 20mm cannons in the nose and a 30mm cannon under the fuselage. 

The plane was detailed using an oil wash for the panel lines (something I need to work at) and Pastel chalks for the exhaust. The exhasts are painted in Model Master Burnt Iron enamal with pastel chalks. 

All other paints are Model Master Enamals. The spinners were done by painting the base color and then using a circle template to spray on the red tips. Decals were all applied over brushed on future and set with solveset.


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