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Wednesday, February 21, 2018

 About Me and My Website


And thank you for your interest in my site.  I'm Delbert,  I'm 44. I've been model building since Dec 2001 and I build everything from wingy things to ground huggers. I specialize in WWII era, but I've also built a car or two. Some people think my stuff isn't too bad.  

I'm not a fast builder, and I don't have uber level skills,  I'm a bit of a plodder, and I like to learn as I build, and as such I like to think that every model I finish, improves my skills.

This website is an extension of my model building,  with the  goal to help provide useful information and resources to Scale Model Builders, and therefore increasing my own knowledge of the subject. 

As stated before my interests are mainly WWII Armor and Aircraft, and the contents of this site reflect that.  This site is also a one man operation, and tends to grow slowly.  

Thank you for visiting.



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