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Sunday, February 18, 2018


In General:

It has been a busy summer in general, I have lots of new photos to add someday and tons of stuff to do, and I plan to restart my model building.  I have a couple of builds planned for the rest of the year and a couple I might just do on the QT.

Plan to continue working on converting the standard menu systems to my new Tagged Gallery Link page system.  Only have the reviews section left to do


     I am currently updating my gallery system to Simple Image Gallery Pro.  It is an improvement over Rapid Gallery that I have been using and easier to integrate into my web pages.  It runs faster and has more features, but the main reason I'm changing is because Rapid Gallery has fallen to the wayside and is no longer supported.   My newest Gallery's have been updated, I will do past ones as I have time, or RGP stops working.


Added to Model Galleries:

      Added Bantam BRC-40 Miniart Kit 35014

Added to Reviews:

   Added  1955 Chevy Street Machine, Revell kit 85-2211 in 1:24 Review

   Added Krylon Short Cuts Enamel Paint Review

Added to Tutorial's:

     Added Scale Automotive Body Airbrushing Device Tutorial

    Added Paint Color Chip Maker and Organizer Tutorial

Added to Website:

     Finished creating my new gallery menu system for the review section, now everything is updated to the same standard.








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