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Friday, February 23, 2018
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M8 Greyhound, Tamiya kit # 35228 in 1/35m8box

Built from 10/20/02to 12/30/02

Build Notes: 

This is Kit # 35228 by Tamiya, it is a M8 Greyhound, which is a U.S. Light Armored Car, it was use during WWII primarily as a escort and reconnaissance vehicle. It was very maneuverable with a rear mounted engine and 6 wheel drive. It could reach speeds of 88.5 kph. It was armed with a 37 mm main gun and a co-axial .30 cal along with a ring mounted .50 cal.

 The M8 was used in Europe and the Pacific, and were used by the U.S., Britian, and France.

 This kit has a good fit and very good detail on the molding with a few sink holes in the fenders and such. The only complaint I have about this kit is that if you build it with the front hatchs open then there is a lack of detail for the sides of the drivers compartment. Which I filled it with a couple of carbines and ammo pouchs.

 The Marking for this M8 are for the 7th armored division, 87th cavalry Reconnaissance Squadron Mechanized A Troop in Aug. of 1944 France.

 I won't say this is my best work yet, but it is my best allied armored project. I tried many new things with this model. such as the towing cable is really a cable. It is made of of 5 strands of small gauge metal wire twisted together and then painted olive drab, and rusted. Also making a muddy and dirty undercarrage by applying putty before painting. I also used pastels to weather this model. 

Materials used: 

Tamiya's M8 Greyhound
Model Master Enamels, olive drab ana 613, faded olive drab, white, rust, French earth brown, and assorted others.
Tamiya's Allied Vehicle storage set. 
 and some stuff from the Italeri Accessoires set

I painted it overall with MM olive drab ana 613, then lightened it up with some faded olive drab over the top areas. I sprayed the undercarrage with French earth brown then used a black wash underneath and then dry brushed it with lighten earth brown again. the tires were painted flat black and olive green, then painted with the earth brown for the mud effect.

 I then gloss coated the model and applied the decals and the pastel weathering. I then flat coated the model.

For the chipped paint effect I used olive green mixed with black.


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