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Friday, February 23, 2018
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ME-262    Lindberg Kit in 1/48.


Built for the Fighters! Campaign fighters
May 1, 2012 - October 31 , 2012 

Build Notes: 

This is a Lindberg kit of the Me-262 in 1/48 scale.  I bought this kit at an outlet store for $5 for airbrushing practice.  From start to Finish I built this kit in 15 days, which must be a record for me as I only do 2 to 4 kits a year.

Its RLM 83 dark green and RLM 81 Brown violet over RLM 76 light blue. and except for the hard edged RLM 81 on the wings it was done entirely Freehand using a Badger Krome.

The Lindberg decals were thick and yellow right out of the box so I spent some time making some templates and airbrushed the markings with stencils, except for the numbers and the coat of arms shield the latter was from the lindberg set and don't look all that great.

More information can be found at my 

Lindberg Me-262 Build Blog.

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