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Monday, February 19, 2018
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In Box Review:

Miniart U.S. 4x4 Bantam BRC-40 w/Crew 35014

My first impression of this kit upon opening the box is, There are a lot of small parts and a lot of flash on those parts.   There are 148 parts in gray and 3 in clear.

The 4 page instruction sheet is printed in color and is set out in a logical fashion,  the sheet is a little on the small side compared to some others with a lof of detail packed in for assembly.   The part numbers are listed on the instructions, but there are no part numbers on the kit sprue's themselves.  

This vehicle only comes with one set of markings for a U.S. Vehicle.  The crew figures are for a driver, a rear passenger, and a standing passenger, along with 2 U.S. Military Police figures.

First I'll mention again there seems to be a lot of flash to clean up esp on the main chassis.  Also I'll note that the Chassis of my kit has a couple of small damaged area's that I'll assume are from the ejection pins.  It will be hidden after building, but its there.    The engine is quite detailed and only needs spark plug wires and battery cables for the super detailer to finish up.  

Second is that this kit has tons of little tiny detail parts and although not all that complicated, this kit will need a lot of careful planning and assembly.

This kit looks like it will build a nice version of the predecessor of the Jeep.  With a lot of detailed parts.  The downside is lots of tiny parts, lots of flash, and some simplification of larger assembly parts for ease of build.   Also only 1 generic markings for the vehicle.  



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