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Sunday, February 18, 2018
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In Box Review:

MiniCraft F-104G Starfighter in 1/144 Scale #14603

My first impression of this kit upon opening the box, is, boy are these parts small.  The molds look sharp and clean for their size, with no flash at all.

In the box there are approximately 37 parts on 3 white trees and 1 clear one. There is also the instruction sheet and 1 decal sheet containing markings for 3 aircraft.

You get markings for:

  1. USAF Germany 58TTW, Williams AFB, 1977
  2. Federal Luftwaffe, 34th F-104G delivered Germany early 1960's
  3. Royal Canadian Air Force,rockcliffe, Ontario, early 1960's

All three have the same basic paint scheme, which is basically aluminum and aircraft gray.

The directions seem simple and straight forward, I don't forsee any problems by looking at the parts, but if I find any I will update this review.  And stay tuned for my build blog on this kit as I will be building it in the next couple of months.


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