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Monday, February 19, 2018
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Mid Atlantic Air Museum's WWII Weekend in Reading PA 2012.

This Photo set contains 54 photos I took at the Mid Atlantic Air Museum's World War II Weekend.  

These photos were taken at the Mid Atlantic Air Museum’s 22nd annual World War II weekend. This event is held every year in Reading PA, at the Reading Airport. The WWII Weekend is a combination air show, and ground show. The event takes place on a 3 day weekend in June.

This year the museum claims that they hosted around 80 aircraft, more than 200 military vehicles, and 1,800 re-enactors. There are air shows each day, and reenactments of skirmishes between the Germans and French Resistance and allied troops in a mock French village.

There are also encampments set up by the re-enactors to show their collections as living history exhibits. Also for those with extra cash you can take a ride in a Warbird, such as a B-17 or B-25.

Special guests are scheduled to appear all weekend. There is also a flea market and lots of vendors selling everything from t-shirts and models to surplus military equipment. 
There are stages set up for period entertainment and re-enactors roam throughout the event and you never know when you will see a famous General, or a grunt just looking for a bite to eat.

I attended the event on Sunday, the last day and it was winding down a bit, but there was still a lot to see. I mainly concentrated on the vehicles because that is what interests me the most. I took over 800 photos and these are the best that I chose to give a feel for what the event is all about on the ground.

Almost all the vehicles on display are restored and in full operating order, and as long as you are careful the owners will let you get up close and personal as you can see from many of my photos. And they love to talk about the work they have done and the history of their vehicle.

Visit the website: Mid Atlantic Air Museum


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