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Monday, February 19, 2018
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Show Report: Mid-Atlantic Air Museum's 23rd World War II Weekend

These photos were taken at the Mid Atlantic Air Museum’s 23rd annual World War II weekend and Air show. This event is held every year in Reading PA, at the Reading Airport. The WWII Weekend is a combination air show, and ground show. The event takes place on a 3 day weekend in June.

This year the event featured some 1,700 re-enactors, around 200 military vehicles and 50+ aircraft on display and flying around. And as always at this event there was a lot of stuff set up as living history exhibits. Most of the vehicles are fully restored and in full operating condition. And as long as you are careful most of the owners will let you get an up close look that you can't get in a museum exhibit.

There is always a lot to see and do such as reenactments and mock battles, Aircraft flying around all day, a Flea Market, 
and a lot of period entertainment featured.

Here is a short list of what could be seen at the event:

Aircraft: B-29, B-17G. several B-25J's, B-25D, TBM-3E Avenger, SBD-5 Dauntless, SB2C-5 Helldiver,
P2V-7 Neptune, several P-51D Mustang's, Spitfire MKXVIII, P40 Warhawk, FG-1D Corsair,
SNJ-4 Texan, AT-6 Texan, C-47D Skytrain, C-46 Commando, and many many more.

Vehicles: Jeeps, Jeeps and more Jeeps, several U.S. Halftracks, several Staff Cars, American and German motorcycles, 
a 1939 Ford Maultier, Kübelwagen's, Stug III (replica), Dodge Weapons Carriers, all makes, WWII U.S. Cargo 
 trucks of several different makes, a couple of postwar German 251s, Field guns, and trailers, and much more.

Equipment: To much Gear, Guns and General equipment to list.


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