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Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Walk Around Photo Feature 

Subject: a M4A1(76)W HVSS Sherman Tank

This is an 54 photo set of a M4A1 (76)W Sherman Tank

This vehicle is on exhibit outside of the  Pennsylvania Military Museum in Boalsburg, PA

From the Museum Placard:

"Nearly 50,000 M4 Sherman Tanks saw service in all theaters of WWII and in Korea. They served as the Main Battle Tank of the United States Army and Marine Corps. Pennsylvania foundries in Caraopolis, Eddystone, Lebanon, Sharon, Bernham, and Pittsburgh all produced sherman tank parts during the war.  Union Steel Castings of Pittsburgh made the turret of this tank."

"The M4A1(76)W HVSS offered improvements over earlier models.  It featured a larger 76mm gun, and a wet storage system to protect ammunition from exploding when the tank was hit.  HVSS stands for Horizontal Volute Spring Suspension, another upgrade."

"The M4A1(76)W was accepted into service in 1944.  It had a crew of 5 men, and along with the 76mm main gun it also had a coaxial .30 cal machine gun, a .30 machine gun in a ball turret mounted in front of the assistant driver, and a .50 machine gun mounted on top of the turret on one of several mounting positions. Armor at the Front and Turret was approx 2.5 inches.  The Continental R975 C4 9 cylinder, 4 cycle radial gasoline engine gave 400 hp at 2,400 RPM's for a top speed of 21 miles per hour."


Website of Interest:

The Pennsylvania Military Museum



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