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Friday, February 23, 2018
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2001 Chevy Winston Cup Car, fantasy #68 in 1/24nascar3box

Built for the Armorama 500 Campaigna500
March 10, 2005  - July 6, 2005

Build Notes:

This model is Revell-Monogram's 2001 Chevy Winston Cup car in 1/24 scale and I did this model for the 500 group build which was the sites first automotive build.

This was my 2nd attempt at painting an entire model with a gloss color with an airbrush and my first attempt at a 2 tone gloss scheme and it came out much better than my first attempt which was basic black.

I also tried my hand at making some custom decals for this car to make a unique and fun build to fit the theme of the web site.

The tires look really great because I cheated I took them out of a Nascar War wagon kit so they were already to go. It is impossible to get decals to stick to rubber tires.

I used the following model master paints,
Gloss Bright Yellow # 2717
Gloss Italian Red # 2719 
Model master gloss coat 
other paints include flat aircraft gray, aluminum, 
gloss black, flat black and chrome silver 
The Novis polishing system try it pack from micro-mark (well worth the cost)
The Testors Custom Decal try it pack from Wal-Mart, worked well enough.

Special Note: On the custom decals I made for this model.

The custom decal sheet I made for this unique build is the last photo in the gallery sideshow. I used Testors Clear Decal paper and a HP 940c ink jet printer. I did each decal item by itself and let it dry totally before printing the next one in place using the printers custom offset x and y axis to get exact placement. I also did all printing on regular paper as a master to make sure nothing went wrong.

Before using the decals I used several coats of the fixative for the paper but even that didn't totally prevent runs so I also used about 3 coats of gloss coat which helped a lot. Next time I might try to use future on them for better results. as is they came out fairly well, as long as I was careful about how long I let them stay wet.. to long and the ink started to run.


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