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Monday, February 19, 2018


  OTT-LITE TrueColor™ 13 Watt Task Lamp


First of all, let me say that I highly recommend this product. This is not based on first impressions. I've used the OTT-LITE® for about 6 years now as my primary work light.

My only “complaint” is I only have one of them so far. (update, I have a couple more now)

The light has a clam shell design with an adjustable light bar. This allows you to best position it for your work. The on/off switch is built into the light so that it turns on when you open it and off when you close it.

It puts out a natural feel light that doesn't give me any eyestrain and is as close to natural daylight that I've experienced indoors. The light is very steady and doesn't flicker at all like some of the cheaper fluorescent lights do.

The light stands about 11 inches high and is heavy enough to stay in place. For a small light it has a nice heft to it. I use it with the light in set at an L shape. This way illuminates my work on but does not shine in my eyes. The light is good to use with a digital camera in taking pictures of your work. I also use this light to airbrush, but care must be taken as there is no protective lens over the light.

The only issue that prevents the OTT-LITE® from receiving a perfect rating is the replacement bulbs cost about $25. I've used mine for 7 years now and have not yet needed to replace the bulb. Additionally, the hinge still works as good today as the day I bought it. It still holds the light at any angle.

I purchased mine at an art supply store. Painters use these because it allows easy color matching and color variations. Another benefit is the light does not emit a lot of heat that could effect your work or potentially burn you.

I say to anyone who has been put off by one of the low cost "daylight" lamps you can buy in a discount store, don't be discouraged as you get what you pay for. This product is well worth the money.

Price range for these is $40 to $80 depending on where you look online.

Note: Review originally published on Jan 2005 on 


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