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Monday, February 19, 2018
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In Box Review:

Minicraft 1/144 P-38J Yippee

My first impression of this kit upon opening the box is, Typical Minicraft.  There are about 38 parts on 3 sprues, 1 canopie and a decal sheet with markings for 2 aircraft.

The 4 page instruction sheet has the assembly instructions on the front in 6 steps.  The aircraft can be assembled with wheels down and props, or an 'in flight' version with wheel bays closed and propeller hubs only.

The Inner two pages contain the marking options for the kit in a large enough size to be easily read.  One is for the 5,000 P-38 made Yippee which was used for some promotional photo's before being sent off to war, and the second is for a USAAF P-38J, 82FG, Italy, 1944.

Here are a few things that I can see from the kit right out of the box.

First the Panel scribing is very light and there is not that much there, second the Canopy has no framing details, its just a peice of clear plastic. Third the landing gear is very basic, Fourth there is not even a hint of a cockpit, and Fifth, no attempt for the guns, just a smooth nose.

The one thing that is really nice for this kit is that the decals seem nicely done. 

All in all if it goes together well I think this will look good but not be really accurate.




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