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Friday, February 23, 2018
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P-61 Black Widow, Revel-Monogram, 1/48.p61box

 Finished Early, 2002

Build Notes: 

This was the first aircraft kit I built, It didnt' turn out as well as I hoped but I think its ok for a first try. This is the Revel-Monogram kit that you can pick up in stores for around $15, it has been around for quite a while and the molds are showing their age. This kit has a lot of detail but also a lot of flash and other problems with the parts. The Fit takes a lot of work and a lot of putty. And as for the canopies, have lots of clear parts glue so you can fill in the gaps.

At the time of making this kit, I hadn't started learning to use an airbrush yet so it was painted using spray cans and the frame rails were hand painted. Overall this kit was very frustrating and almost made me decide modeling wasn't for me, but I've since learned that some kits are a dream to work with and others like this one a nightmare that is hard to tame, but you can finsih up with some nice results with a little hard work.

Painted with Model Master Flat black spray can and a flat grey spray can.. the rest was hand painted.

I learned with this kit to not take the masking off of the canopies before spraying with dullcoat, which is why the clear parts is fogged.

The photos are not that great as they were taken with a 2 megapixal camera.


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