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Friday, February 23, 2018
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Panzer IB  Dragon Kit #6186 in 1/35th. dr6186

Built for the  Light Tanks Campaign lighttanks
January 1, 2012 - December 31 , 2012 

Build Notes: 

This is the Dragon kit of the Panzer IB.  It went together very well without any major problems, however I did change out the rear idler's for a correct set, as the kit has only the early ones included and not the one's used on the IB.  

This is the best Panzer Gray vehicle I've done to date.

I used a whole range of the new AK Interactive products and any problems are due to my inexperience with them, not the products themselves.

Used AK's Modulation set for Panzer Grau, Streaking grime for Panzer Gray, Filter for Panzer Gray, Wash for Panzer Gray, and the AK, Engine and Track set. (all bought for this project)

I like the colors for the modulation set but I strongly recommend a primer as it does not adhere to the plastic to well by itself.

The track set with the Track wash, and Steel Pigment set are great. gives a great finish to the tracks.

I went for a dusty tired look using pigments for weathering.

The Muffler shield was achieved by using 3 different rust pigment colors.

More information can be found at my 

Panzer IB Build Blog.


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