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Friday, February 23, 2018
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Special Air Service Jeep, Tamiya Kit in 1/35

Built for If it looks, smells and builds like a "JEEP" campaign on Armorama lookjeep
November 1, 2012 - May 15, 2013

Build Notes:

The base kit of this build was the 40 year old Tamiya SAS Jeep.  The Jeep part wasn't that bad, and the assembly went well.  The details are where this kit really shows its age.  I scrapped almost all the detail bits, including all the Jerry cans, Machine guns, and assorted bits.  

I used brass strip stock to scratch build all the Jerry can racks, hood, sides, rear compartment.  The Jerry cans are an assortement of plastic and resin from my spare parts bin.  They are an assortment of War Department (British) and German cans, painted in many different shades and colors to represent scrounging from several sources.  The .30 cal MG is from the Academy U.S. Machine Gun set.  

Base coat was Tamiya Dark Yellow over Model Master Olive drab using salt chipping.  Tires were my favorite Floquil's weathered Black.  I used an archers transfers for the dashboard.  I enjoyed this build and it wasn't my best work, but I learned some more stuff.  



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