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Friday, February 23, 2018
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Sd.Kfz 250/3 Grief, Dragon kit # 6125 in 1/35250griefbox

Built from 820/02 to 10/04/02


This is Kit # 6125 by Dragon, it is a German command half-track, It comes with about 434 pieces with individual track links. It uses Dragon's' modular spruce system so you get plenty of extra parts for your parts bin.

I like the fit of the parts although there is a lot of sinkholes in the larger pieces to fill. The parts are otherwise very crisp and nicely molded. You also have to be very careful in aligning the body panels or it will get out of line. Also the decals in this kit were very fragile.

The Marking for this half-track are for the 21st Panzer Division, It is a vehicle in the HQ Squad of the 4th company.

I personally think that this model is my best work yet (as of this date). I used several techniques that I have never tried before and I am very pleased with the results. I won my first award, a best in class with this one.

This was the first Dragon Kit I ever built, and I have been enjoying them ever since.  My favorite part has always been the construction part, and Dragon kits have a lot of parts to construct. 

Materials used: 

Dragon's Sd.Kfz. 250/3 'Greif' kit # 6125
Model Master Enamels
Decals from the Parts bin.

Build Notes:

painted it overall in Sandgelb, lightened with flat white for scale effect, chipped it with panzer gray then gave it an overspray of 50/50 sand thinner mix. At the start the panzer gray on the sand color didn't look that good, but when I added the overspray of sand/thinner mix, the two colors blended perfectly.

The tracks were painted in rust, then the rubber painted flat black then given the same 50/50 overspray of sand then a sanding stick was ran over the rubber cleats to expose the edges of the black rubber.

This is my version of the "lost where are we at?" theme that is used so often.

The battle is over and not to the Germans advantage, somehow this command vehicle and its crew has gotten separated from their unit. The driver has stepped out to fill the water bags at a local well they have found while the commander looks around at his surroundings, demanding to know where they are and his radio operator is checking out the map trying to figure out where they are and where they are suppose to be.

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