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Friday, February 23, 2018
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Sherman Vc Firefly, Dragon Kit #6121 in 1/35fireflybox

Febuary 1, 2003  - May 30, 2003

Build Notes:  

This is Dragon Models kit # 6121, Sherman Vc Firefly which is based on the M4A4 version and up-gunned by the British with a British 17 pounder gun.

It is considered the only variant of the Sherman that could face German Panthers and Tigers on anything like their own terms. The kit is a reissue of a previous kit with some added spruces that fix some of the problems with the earlier kit. There will be a lot of extra pieces left over after building this one, esp lots of extra running gear.

The Base coat is Model Master Field Drab slightly lightened. One thing I tried to do with this kit is to get something's besides a monotone color effect. I applied a wash of Tamiya's Black thinned with alcohol to wash the tank then after that dried I oversprayed the basecoat again and got a tank with many subtle variations green. You can see this effect best on the pics of the top of the tank.

The tracks are the Individual links that came with the kit, approx.. 251 pieces on each side. This is the first time I have built track links for a tank and I learned a lot doing them.

I painted them with Tamiya's Metallic Gray with steel drybrushing then toned them down a bit with a very thin black wash.

The .50 Cal was not used much on this tank but I liked it so I left it on. It is painted with Tamiya's gunmetal, washed with black and highlighted with steel and metallic gray.

This was my 2nd tank and I still like it...


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