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Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Spray Paint Decanting Device:


This is a simple little project of a tool I made to decant spray paint from cans in order to use the paint in my airbrush.  I started out using straws, and they have their advantages as you can just throw them away when you are done.  With my idea some cleanup is required if you want to use it again.

What you Need:

  • A Pipette
  • Tape
  • Sharp Hobby Knife
  • Spray Can
  • And a empty paint bottle


Step 1:  Modify a pipette as in the photo below.  cut the ends off and add a slice along the bigger end.



Step 2:  Slide the modified pipette over the Spray Cans nozzle as shown in the next photo.




Step 3:  Tape over the open end of the pipette so the paint will only flow forward as shown in the next photo.:



Step 4:  Use the modified pipette to decant your spray paint into a bottle.  Then clean and put away for another day.



Important Note:

The decanted paint will still contain propellant from the spray can.  I let the decanted paint sit in the open bottle agitating it now and again until all bubbles are out of the paint.   Do not use in your airbrush immediately after decanting for this reason as your painting will most likely not go so well.



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