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Friday, February 23, 2018

In Box Review:   Italeri Kit #326, D-Day Ambulance Jeep

In Box Review of Italeri Kit #326, D-Day Ambulance Jeep:

The Italeri Jeep kit has had a long career in one form or another. The original Italeri Jeep was released around 1976 as kit #314.  Years later the first Ambulance Jeep version was released in 1983 as kit #326.  Shortly after Testors released it as kit #776.  Around 2001 Italeri released it again in a new box as kit #326 again.  This version was released in 2014 in another new box as kit #326.

The kit consists of 2 plastic sprues in a version of olive drab green, 1 sprue of clear parts and 1 decal sheet.  There are around 79 parts for this model.  There are no crew figures for this kit.  The decal sheet is for 2 versions 1 U.S. and 1 British.

This kit is from an older time and the parts and construction of the kit show that with things like provisions for rolling wheels and some chunky looking parts.  Even though it is an older kit, it is still on the market as its one of the very few versions of an ambulance jeep, I'm not sure but it might be the only mass produced kit without using after market parts.  







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