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Wednesday, February 21, 2018

  • Frequently Asked Questions for Delbert's Scale Models
  • 1. Why do you have a Scale Model Web Site?

    I decided to create my web site as a way to share my hobby with others, and also as a way to continue teaching myself about computers.  I've been a computer hobbyist since 1985, I've got a Associates Degree  in Computer Science (1987).  I also consider myself a Self Taught Web Designer.

  • 2. What is it that you would define as your websites main goal?

    The primary goal of my site is to show off.  That is to show off my work as a Scale model builder.  I include all my work from the very beginning up to what I'm doing right now.  I am trying to represent the average model builder out there, who makes mistakes, and learns from them.  I take pride in showing the level of work I am able to reach for.  Knowing that there are uber builders out there who raise the bar extreamly high does not intimidate me.  I work for my enjoyment, and to my own skill level.  

  • 3. Why are there a lot of Photo Galleries of Military Vehicles & Aircraft, Cars & Trucks, Ect.?

    Because due to my interest in model building, I've developed a interest in photography. I have a good camera, and there is a large WWII event & air show nearby every year, lots of car and truck events, and I tend to enjoy spending a day at a good museum or two while on vacations.  As a result I have a few thousand photos and I try to organize them into galleries to be used for reference photos or inspiration for those who have an interest.

  • 4. What is a Walk Around as related to Delberts Scale Models?

    A Walk Around is a detailed photographic study of an object, where photos are taken from many different angles, along with overall, and close up photos of the object in question.  This is typically of a vehicle or aircraft of interest, and is used as reference material for model builders.

  • 5. What is a Build Blog?

    The Build Blogs are something I started a few years ago using a blogging section on my website I blog my build as I do it.  Showing my work in progress, with photos and comments on how I am building my models.  The intent is to show how I do my work and to let others who are interested in that kit, get a peek of whats involved in building it.

  • 6. Where does your website fit in with the online Scale Modeling Community?

    My site is a Personal Website, although it is a large one.  There are no Advertisements, and I am not selling anything.  The Site is operated by myself and gives me great personal satisfaction.  Esp when my friends and co-workers have visited it.  My site will continue to grow, but it will never be a large portal community site.  I leave that to my favorite website out there, Kitmaker Network

  • 7. What is going on with the Campaign Ribbons?

    Those are ribbons I have earned by participating in Group Builds on Kitmaker Network.  A Group Build is where a theme is picked and model builders build and complete a model within that build, while showing each other their work in progress.  There is typically a set time limit.  Themes can range from a specific vehicle or aircraft, to an entire type or time period, the sky's the limit.  On the Kitmaker Network, Group Builds are called Campaign's and if you finish you get a Campaign Ribbon added to your profile.  I have also added my ribbons to my website.

  • 8. Do you consider Model Building an Art form?

    Yes is the short answer.  The long answer is building a scale model is applying artistic skills to building a  three dimensional scale replica of a historic, fantasy, or imaginative object, using a multimedia approach. 

  • 9. Why do you appear to switch between different brands of paints?

    For me building models is a true multimedia art form.  I started off with Model Master Enamels and I love them.  Humbrol Enamels are better for brush painting,  I don't care for Tamiya Acrylics but I use them somewhat.  I'm currently experimenting with Vallejo Acrylics and I like them.  For me trying new things are what model building is all about. 

  • 10. In Model Building, which School of Thought do you lean towards?

    I lean towards the Mig Jimenez School.  I greatly admire his work, and I have several of his books, from which I have learned a lot.  I have many of his earlier AK products and some of his later Ammo products for finishing models.  Finishing products help you build models, but you still need to have to apply some skill and artistic talent to getting whats in your head to whats in your display cabinet.

  • 11. When did you start building Scale Models?

    Building scale models is something I enjoyed as a kid the few times I got something to build.  Also it was something I had an interest in, but was not really able to invest the time or money in until 2001, when I was working a four day work week due to cutbacks at my place of work.  One weekend I picked up a model of a Ford Short Hauler Truck at a discount store for five dollars, got some basic paint and enjoyed the heck out of building it.  This was shorty followed by a enjoyable build of an American Half-Track, and I now officially had a hobby.  And a website.

  • 12. How did you acquire your Scale Modeling Body of Knowledge?

    The early years were with Fine Scale Modeler Magazine and their website and forums.  I read many Scale Modeling books, many of which are a bit out of date now.  I've been a member of KitMaker Network since 2002 and it is a great source of information and for interaction with other model builders from all over the world.  I tend to read a lot and have quite a few of the current offerings of Books and Magazines, esp from Mig Jimenez.  I have also lucked out and acquired some older magazine collections from various sources.  Many of which I am still trying to create an archive for in order to see what all I have. 

  • 13. What is your Favorite part of Model Building?

    Airbrushing is the easy answer.  I love to airbrush a model, whether it is a base coat or a free had camouflage  pattern.  I now have 15 airbrushes, 13 of which are Badger Airbrushes, I really like them.   When I first started trying to learn I almost gave up.  Then I bought my first Badger double action airbrush, and off I went.   Up until then I was trying to airbrush with Aztec airbrushes,  I won't say anything bad about them, but just so you know I threw 3 of them away after I got my first Badger.

  • 14. What advice would you give someone wanting to enter the Hobby.

    The best advice I can give is to start slow.  Scale Model building can be an expensive hobby.  Don't go out and buy the most expensive latest kits and expect to turn out a masterpiece.  It takes a lot of practice.  Start out with some older cheaper kits, you can buy the basics in stores such as Michaels, A.C. Moore, and Hobby Lobby, each of which have weekly store coupons for 40% off, they also have apps for your phones too.  These stores are also a great place to buy your basic equipment and paints.  Start out with basic tools,  a kit and the paints you need for that kit.   Then if you decide keep to the hobby, swing by the hobby store of your choice weekly and buy 1 new tool, or a bottle of paint you will use in your next build.  After a few years you will have an investment on your hands.  And remember those coupons, after all 40% off of a 120 dollar airbrush is not chump change.   


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