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Sunday, February 18, 2018
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In Box Review:

Zeveda M3A1 Scout Car

If you are reading this and wondering why anyone would bother with a review of such an old kit as this one, well, I'll just say its part of my modeling goals to review every kit I do on my website.

First off this kit is old.  From my reading it started out as the Peerless Max kit, then was sold to Italeri, and then to Zvezda.  My kit is an early Zvezda release, it has been re-released with a canvas cover.  For many years it was the only M3A1 around, although there has now been a realease by Hobby Boss.  

The molds are starting to show their age and the kit parts have lots of flash, and there are a lot of ejector pin marks and sinks also.

It will take a bit of skill to bring out a decent model.  The kit has 3 spruces molded in green plastic and a decal sheet, although mine is very yellowed with age.  I have aquired a newer sheet and some photo etch from eastern europe for this 


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